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  • First Impressions: Lovers of the Red Sky
    Lovers of the Red Sky has been killing it in the ratings game with this week’s episode recording at 10.2%, ranking first on the Monday – Tuesday timeslot, an leading ahead of its competitors. With the combination of breathtaking cinematography, in-depth world-building, and chemistry between our main actors – it’s not a surprise that this […]
  • First Impressions: Police University
    Police University takes college dramas to the next level with the mix of comedy, heart, and some police investigations. It’s some of the tropes we know and love – a criminal turning to the good side, an underdog story, a pen pal relationship; all sprinkled with some Korean jeong – we’re already in for a […]
  • Doom at Your Service – Butterflies, destruction, and hope
    Doom At Your Service started just two weeks ago, and with four episodes in, we’re happy to report that this new Viu Original is a definite show-stopper! With amazing comebacks from Seo In-Guk and Park Bo-Young, we enter into a world of deities and humans, hope and sorrow, and the overall balance of life. With […]


  • Actor Spotlight: Ahn Hyo Seop
    In just the last five years, Ahn Hyo Seop definitely catapulted into stardom. With pure talent and charisma, he was able to work his way from minor roles to leading man status. Let’s delve into some of our favorite roles from 2016 to today! Happy Ending Once Again / One More Happy Ending (2016) His […]
  • Actor Spotlight: Kim Yoo Jung
    Known as the sageuk fairy, Kim Yoo Jung started her roots from historical dramas as a young actress. From playing the younger counterparts of the main leads to being the main lead herself, she had been consistent in winning people’s hearts. Check out Yoo Jung’s journey through her historical dramas! Dong Yi (2010) Yoo Jung […]
  • Writer Spotlight: Hong Sisters
    Love fantasy? Rom-coms? Writers Hong Jong Eun and Hong Mi Ran would definitely have something for you! Coming from their name alone, these two sisters are a writing duo that may or may not have written your favorite dramas! From early 2000s classics to modern star-studded dramas, they’ve dominated the drama scene and are well-known […]

Point of Viu

  • Viuniverse Awards 2020
    Though the year 2020 had disappointed many, there has been a common notion that dramas have given a lot of joy despite the challenging times. Viuniverse Awards 2020 was created to give back to these shows that gave us excitement, joy, and fun – recognition for the actors, actresses, and dramas we enjoyed the most. […]

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