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5 Kdrama Fashionistas We Can’t Get Enough Of

Aside from the endearing story, mind-boggling twists, and intense chemistry of the cast, what makes a Korean drama fun to watch is the characters’ fantastic sense of style. In Korean dramas, there are a lot of characters whose style matches their personality. The way these characters confidently carry eye-catching pieces scream #GirlBoss feels. Listed below are five stylish actresses that would make you say, who run the world (girls!)—when it comes to being fashion icons.

Lee Sung Kyung: About Time (2018)

Choi Michaela, played by Lee Sung Kyung, has been given the ability to see the lifespan clocks of other people, including her own. She lives by spending time doing the things she genuinely loves like it’s her last. Her bright and optimistic aura matched her eye for fashion. The preppy style partnered with pastel shades give her outfits a warm and pleasant vibe. 

Shin Hye Sun: Angel’s Last Mission: Love (2019)

If you watched Shin Hye Sun on Mr. Queen, you’d definitely be in awe at how she played her character in her 2019 drama Angel’s Last Mission: Love. She portrays the cold-hearted ballerina Lee Yeon Seo, who may look intimidating because of her emotionless presence but her fashion sense says otherwise. You can see how diverse the color palette of her outfits is, ranging from black and white, then red and pink—the most common hues, and yet she carries her outfits with elegance and sophistication.

Yoo In Na: Goblin (2016)

Yoo In Na’s character as Sunny here in Goblin instantly became the talk of the town because of her chemistry with the Grim Reaper played by Lee Dong Wook, thanks to her effortless beauty and her elegant taste in mixing and matching her wardrobe. Sunny has a thing for coats, a piece that she can rock in casual attire with jeans and leather skirts, or paired with boots for a chic look. She can also switch up her look by exchanging her casual coats for a fur coat to end the day the elite style. 

Kim Seo Yeon: Penthouse (Season 1-3) (2020-2021)

In The Penthouse trilogy, Kim Seo Yeon’s character never fails to make our blood boil, but we can’t deny that she has an exquisite charm when it comes to her daily looks. Cheon Seo Jin can either slay a simple-looking yet expensive nude-colored dress, look classy in a corporate coat with colors and design inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, or appear “expensive” in an extravagant-looking velvet coat. She, for sure, exudes a fancy aura just by the way she carries herself.

IU: Hotel De Luna (2019)

One thing you would love about Jang Man Wol is her feisty personality that reflects how she dresses. Her over-the-top clothing just shows how badass she is. Matching up different colors usually would never blend well, but IU’s character definitely knows what suits her perfectly. Not to mention, her signature hair accessories make her overall look posh and classy.