Viuniverse is the Community arm of Viu Philippines, whose main goal is to give back to fans of Asian content in the Philippines.


Founded in early 2018 and relaunched in August of 2020, Viuniverse was a concept that was born to give back to fan clubs and fan communities for their support in helping Viu Philippines grow. Fan clubs and similar pages exist to support their favorite artists and connect common fans together – attending concerts and fan meets, purchasing merchandise, and sometimes even coming together for fundraising activities in the name of their bias. In the same way, these fans also go out of their way to raise awareness to anti-piracy to make sure that their artists’ hard work is also supported through legal means. 


Though social media has a vast array of communities, blogs, and forums for drama fans, Viuniverse aims to give fans an outlet to spazz and create meaningful dialogue about their favorite shows. 

With this unified multi-platform experience, it is Viuniverse’s mission to establish an inclusive community of communities deeply rooted on the common love for Asian content and artists. Using our platform, Viu aims to bring fans closer together in a safe  space where everyone is able to fangirl, discover new interests and transform individual support of the fight against piracy into a reinforced collective movement.


The Viuniverse weekly schedule will always depend on the simulcast shows from Viu, though usually it is as follows:

  1. Open Threads – Daily
  2. Rewatch Weekends – Saturdays and Sundays
  3. POV – Mondays
  4. KPop Fridays 
  5. #TagDubOnViu – Saturdays and Sundays

Social media will always be at the center and heart of Viuniverse. This is why we have created the following channels, where we know fans love to go to talk about all the dramas they love:

  1. Viuniverse Facebook Group – 
  2. Twitter – @ViuniversePH
  3. Blog – 


More than anything, it is actually piracy that is Viu’s greatest competitor. Before the rise of streaming platforms featuring other Asian content, the only option Filipino viewers had is piracy. With this deeply rooted problem, Viuniverse spearheads Viu’s advocacy against piracy with constant reminders to  #ViuItRight in daily posts and in partnership with fan communities. 

Viu strongly believes that working with loyal fans on #ViuItRight is a big step for  them to truly and rightfully support their favorite artists, as well as the staff, production teams, and creative staff working on these titles.  

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