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Actor Spotlight: Ahn Hyo Seop

In just the last five years, Ahn Hyo Seop definitely catapulted into stardom. With pure talent and charisma, he was able to work his way from minor roles to leading man status. Let’s delve into some of our favorite roles from 2016 to today!

Happy Ending Once Again / One More Happy Ending (2016)

His first drama! Though Ahn Hyo Seop played a minor role, he actually hit the jackpot playing alongside the beautiful Yoo Inna. He only came in at the ninth episode, but they had a really cute noona romance! Being 25 and 34, their 9-year age gap made it difficult for them to have a relationship. Typically, you would expect Ahn Hyo Seop’s character to be more childish – but it was such an interesting choice for him to be so mature, pushing that with love, age really shouldn’t matter.

Entertainer (2016)

That same year he had another supporting role in Entertainer, a showbiz-centric drama starring Ji Sung and Hyeri. Here he’s the leader of the boyband Ji Sung’s Shin Suk Ho used to manage, Jinu. He’s more of the bad boy type in this show, but also had a really satisfying arc. 

Fun fact – he and Gong Myung worked together in Entertainer before co-starring on LOTRS! We love reunion projects!

Thirty But Seventeen (2018)

We could probably say that Thirty But Seventeen was his breakout role, playing the second lead Yoo Chan. As the younger suitor to Shin Hye Sun’s Woo Seo Ri, he was able to represent and let her experience what she missed in her late teens. His playful, cute, and charming persona definitely made us want to root for him. So even if we already expected it, he definitely made us cry all the tears when he didn’t get our girl. Don’t Think, Feel!!

Dr. Romantic 2 (2020)

Delving into a more dramatic role, playing Seo Woo Jin showed us a side to Ahn Hyo Seop we haven’t seen before. Woo Jin, though a talented surgeon, was also a cynic in life and love. That’s why seeing his experiences at Doldam and his journey to change throughout the show was so great to see. The jury at Baeksang Awards must have loved him too, as he won the Best New Actor award that year!

It also doesn’t hurt that he has such amazing chemistry with Lee Sung Kyung that people are still kilig over this couple until today! We all love an enemies-to-lovers trope, and these two delivered it beautifully!

Lovers of the Red Sky (2021)

Another one for the books for Ahn Hyo Seop, as this is his first lead role in a sageuk drama! It has only been the first few weeks, but we’ve already seen amazing range. Aside from playing Ha Ram, he has to play the elusive Ilwolseong and the evil god Ma Wang. As the astrologer Ha Ram, he’s refined and the spitting image of nobility, and on the other hand, as Ilwolseong, he’s mysterious and commanding. Him playing Ma Wang just gave us the creeps to put it briefly. They’re all very distinct in their own way, we’re excited when he finally falls in love with Hong Cheon Gi (Kim Yoo Jung) because we know it’s going to be another amazing layer for Hyo Seop to explore. Looking forward to seeing more!

What are your favorite Ahn Hyo Seop roles throughout the years? Can you believe he just started starring in dramas in 2016?