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Actor Spotlight: Kim Yoo Jung

Known as the sageuk fairy, Kim Yoo Jung started her roots from historical dramas as a young actress. From playing the younger counterparts of the main leads to being the main lead herself, she had been consistent in winning people’s hearts. Check out Yoo Jung’s journey through her historical dramas!

Dong Yi (2010)

Yoo Jung was actually just 11 years old when she played Han Hyo Joo’s younger counterpart in Dong Yi! Since the show is a 60 episode historical drama, Yoo Jung had the challenge of making us fall in love with Dong Yi in the first four episodes and she did amazing! She was charming and cute, but really delivered on the difficult scenes as well. No wonder, Dong Yi is such a well loved drama even ten years later!

Moon Embracing the Sun (2012)

After two years, Yoo Jung stars in another classic sageuk Moon Embracing the Sun. This time she’s the younger version of Han Ga In’s Heo Yoon Woo. This show has a bigger cast of child actors this time. And though she was able to hold her own, she also had amazing chemistry with her co-stars Yeo Jin Goo, Im Siwan, and even Kim So Hyun who was supposed to be her rival. Have to say too – her level of acting for such a young age is one that some older actors still aspire to reach. Amazing!

Love in the Moonlight (2016)

Her first lead in a historical drama, she plays a young woman pretending to be a eunuch serving the crown prince. Though in her previous work her roles were more serious, she was really able to tap her funny bone on this one which was refreshing to see. Her antics with the Crown Prince Lee Yeong (Park Bo Gum) and Kim Byeong Yeon (Kwang Dong Yeon) were always laugh out loud funny! In the romance department, her feeling the kilig with Lee Yeong made us kilig with her! Her chemistry with Bo Gum made this one of those top-notch pairings to remember. Definitely makes you want to rewatch the show many years later. 

Lovers of the Red Sky (2021)

After a 5-year hiatus wearing a hanbok, Yoo Jung is back at it again! We were only able to see her in the second episode so far, but she is already doing great! She’s channeling some of the Hong Ra On energy in this one – spunky, and fun. But there’s some qualities here as well that’s purely Hong Chun Gi as well – like her cheeky side (HA!). We love her chemistry with Ahn Hyo Seop too. That scene on the palanquin was so funny but later really charged with chemistry. We’re so excited what else Yoo Jung would bring to the table, and excited to see more!

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