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Actor Spotlight: Shin Hye Sun

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Before starring in leading roles like So Bong in Mr. Queen, Shin Hye Sun was seen in a ton of supporting roles. She truly personifies the real meaning of success in hard work through every character she plays. Though starting out in smaller, non-lead roles, she has always been a real standout, slowly taking her rightful place in the spotlight. 

Let’s take a walk through memory lane to see her previous work (and be surprised that character is actually her!)

 Oh My Ghost (2015)

Shin Hye Sun’s beginnings though very minor roles were quite memorable as well. She played Kang Eun-Hee, Jo Jung-Suk’s sister in the show who was the restaurant receptionist. She was meek, shy, and insecure because she’s in a wheelchair and was often under the shadow of her older brother. Her role was bigger in the later episodes, where she was able to show more depth and was much more than the shy little sister that Sun Woo had to protect. 

Watch Episode 1 here!

She Was Pretty (2015)

She was able to show her more comedic side in She Was Pretty as Han Seol, one of the editors/writers of The Most. Han Seol felt more like an audience member, trying to unmask the mystery of who the chairman’s son was. It’s for selfish reasons for her though, because she initially wanted to marry the chairman’s son for wealth. But true to the show’s theme of missed identities, she sets out to have a relationship with one of her coworkers. This leads to so many funny antics, shenanigans, and of course kilig. 

Watch Episode 1 here!

Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)

This is a more prominent role for Hye Sun as she lands second lead status. Playing Cha Shi-Ah, she got to be in scenes with acting heavyweights like Jun Ji-Hyun, and Lee Min-Ho. Here she was cunning, trying to look for flaw’s in Cheong, but also really cute falling in love with one of Heo Joon-Jae’s friends Tae Oh. The typical audience reaction to second female leads s to hate them. This is especially those that try to steal the leading man from the leading lady. But not for Shin Hye Sun in this role, as we see fans eventually rooting for her – at least to end up with Tae Oh. First time for everything!

Watch Episode 1 here!

Thirty But Seventeen (2018)

Changing things up, Shin Hye-Sun tries the fish out of water trope in Thirty But Seventeen. She plays Woo Seo-Ri, a seventeen-year-old girl who wakes up a thirty-year-old after a long coma. Here she was able to show her versatility as an actress – balancing the comedic child-like personality with regrets of not having the full life she could have led. She pulled off many emotional beats like a pro, making us believe that we all have second chances in life. You just need to go ahead and grab it for yourself.

Watch Episode 1 here!

Angel’s Last Mission: Love (2019)

As Lee Yeon-Seo, Hye Sun embodied so much strength from a woman who encountered tragedy and grief. The way she captures a scene, you just get invigorated with her presence like you’re there with her and feeling what she’s feeling. Lee Yeon-Seo is also strong and knows how to fight for what she wants and deserves. This Hye Sun plays with so much grace, just like a ballerina. She doesn’t skimp on the romance department either. Her chemistry with Kim Myung Soo making us want their ill-fated relationship to work. 

Watch Episode 1 here!

What’s so amazing by just five dramas is the range of characters that she’s played. Because of this, we asked Shin Hye Sun Philippines for their thoughts on her thriving career:

Despite her small roles in her previous dramas, she strived to be where she is now and [is] very passionate about her craft. She is a very simple actress and very cheerful. She hasn’t gone to [many] variety shows, but if you saw [the] behind-the-scenes of her dramas, she’s very cheerful and very eager to learn and develop her talent and craft. That’s actually what I liked about her. How she acts and portrays the characters given to her is beyond expectations. For me a viewer and an Asian drama fan for over a decade, she’s really a good actress that deserves more to showcase her talent.

She also loves communicating and doing a lot of fanservice for her fans – even small gifts sent to her she [posts] on her Instagram. Even [though] she’s quite popular, she still takes small roles in movies and keeps challenging herself. We didn’t expect that her popularity will soar again in the drama Mr. Queen, but we are very happy because many new fans saw her and were fascinated by her portrayal of the 2 characters in the drama..

Shin Hye Sun Philippines

Hye Sun always puts something totally new to the table with every role – be it quirkiness of a Blue House chef stuck in Joseon or the wonder of a seventeen year old who wakes up being thirty. Range and versatility are so rare in actors nowadays, we’re just so glad we got to see it in Hye Sun.