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Attack On Titan: Is Gabi Braun At Fault For Her Beliefs?

Gabi Braun is an Eldian and a warrior candidate who hopes to inherit the power of the Armored Titan from her cousin, Reiner Braun. She lived her life learning about Marley’s ideologies. Hence, Gabi believes that Eldians in the Paradis Island are sinners and fighting for Marley will make her a “good Eldian” with a goal to atone for her ancestors’ supposed “sins.”

Gabi quickly became a controversial character when she killed one of the most-loved characters in Attack On Titan, Sasha Braus. Some hate her while others tried to understand her situation. But is she really at fault for Sasha’s assassination and her beliefs?

There’s really no definite answer to the question, but Gabi can actually be both classified as an assailant and a victim. Gabi is 12 years old and has lived her whole life believing that people from the Paradis Islands are monsters. She was basically brainwashed at such a young age. However, what she did to Sasha was wrong, and being brainwashed can not justify her actions. (Look at Falco, for example, he tried to understand their enemies’ perspective.) Still, she’s a kid. As much as we can’t justify what she did, what she had to go through as a child in Marley will help viewers understand what led her to do such actions.

Attack On Titan Final Season part one just ended. We might need to wait a while for part two, but, while we’re at it, let’s hope for better character development for Gabi, at the very least. It would be great if she can serve as an example of someone who finally realizes that, to differentiate what’s right from wrong, you have to look at both sides of the coin.