Actor Spotlight: Ahn Hyo Seop

In just the last five years, Ahn Hyo Seop definitely catapulted into stardom. With pure talent and charisma, he was able to work his way from minor roles to leading…

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Actor Spotlight: Kim Yoo Jung

Known as the sageuk fairy, Kim Yoo Jung started her roots from historical dramas as a young actress. From playing the younger counterparts of the main leads to being the…

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Writer Spotlight: Hong Sisters

Love fantasy? Rom-coms? Writers Hong Jong Eun and Hong Mi Ran would definitely have something for you! Coming from their name alone, these two sisters are a writing duo that…

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Kilig Kdrama Umbrella Moments

The rainy season is here, and nothing else gives the warm fuzzies than a good umbrella kilig moment! From classic Kdramas to more recent ones, one thing’s for sure -…

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