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DAYS Theories: Love triangles and happy endings? (Part 2)

It’s Part 2 of the DAYS theory discussion with @byeol and @beesgiggle! In the second part, they discuss theories on who’s endgame in the love triangle between Joo Ik, Ji Na, and Hyun Kyu, and the possibility of a happy ending!

If you haven’t read the first part where we discuss Myul Mang, butterflies, and Sonyeoshin check out the previous post here!


Beesgiggle: Just realized we didn’t talk about the love triangle! Who do you think will be endgame?

Byeol: I think it’s going to be Tae Oh. Wait, I think it might be the other guy.

Beesgiggle: Yeah, I think it’s going to be Lee Soo Hyuk.

Byeol: But my reasoning is more because of the fact that Lee Soo Hyuk had more lead roles before compared to Kang Tae Oh. *laughs*

Beesgiggle: That’s right! Totally agree.

Byeol: But storywise, I think Tae Oh’s character has a chance. But personally, I would really prefer Team Leader Lee Soo Hyuk. It feels more like a clean slate when it comes to him compared to Tae Oh where they have a lot of baggage to go through to be together.

Come to think of it, their story is so different.

Beesgiggle: Actually yeah! It’s like they’re living in a different drama. *laughs*


Beesgiggle: With rules like that – If you breach the contract, the person you love most will die – it becomes obvious where the story will go. At some point, that person she loves most has to be Myul Mang. Right?

Byeol: Yeah, of course, we all know that they’ll fall in love with each other. So of course, there’s going to be a struggle there.

Beesgiggle: Yeah, but after that, how do you think it would go about? I’m still a bit fixated with-

Byeol: That someone will sacrifice?

Beesgiggle: Ummm, I guess? But it’s more like My Girlfriend is a Gumiho where it’s also exactly 100 days. And at the midpoint of the show, they decided to stop everything because they were catching feelings and they wanted to sacrifice for each other. Which I think would happen here too, since their plan now anyway is for Dong Kyung to love Myul Mang so she’ll have nothing to lose. But surprise, surprise I think at the end of this, there’s going to be a lot to lose whether she likes it or not.

Byeol: Well, there’s a lot that can happen. There’s still the bracelet, there’s Sonyeoshin too. Another possible thing that can ruin the 100 days is Dong Kyung’s wish. We still don’t know what her wish is!

Beesgiggle: People are also speculating that she might wish for Myul Mang to be human, so it could be a happy ending.


Byeol: Wow, happy ending~

Beesgiggle: That begs the question too! Do you think it will be a happy ending or not? With the hints they’re giving.

Byeol: Since we’re talking tvN here, a happy ending will be possible if we’re back in 2016 with Goblin, etc. But now in 2021, there’s still a possibility that someone dies, even if it’s not the main character.

Beesgiggle: So you think the writers are going to sacrifice someone? Interesting~

Byeol: I think it’s going to be the Seonyeoshin.

Beesgiggle: REALLY???

Byeol: I think she can give her life to Myul Mang. You know how she gets sort of reincarnated? What if it doesn’t happen anymore? I’m just thinking how tvN writers write, and how they’d want to hurt the audience. Or maybe, it will take her a while to be reincarnated again or for them to meet. And of course, even though it’s not permanent, losing her again will still hurt for Myul Mang. So I really think it’s going to be her this time.

Beesgiggle: Well, what do you think if they end up doing a Goblin ending with reincarnation?

Byeol: Yeah, I think that’s possible too! If Myul Mang decides he wants to become human for her. At least it would be a happy ending somehow.

For me, even if it’s going to be a sad ending, as long as there’s an aspect that would compensate for the sad parts, I’m totally okay. As long as it’s not Scarlet Heart, as long as there’s reincarnation, I’m all for it! Just don’t leave me hanging! Though yes, I’m not going to deny that there’s impact in those type of stories.

Beesgiggle: So with a major character death, you think you wouldn’t be happy? Or unless they do it well?

Byeol: As long as there’s good reasoning to the sad ending, it should be okay. Because I think I wouldn’t be happy with a forced happy ending either. So as long as the writing is fair to the characters, I would be satisfied.

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