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DAYS Theories: Myul Mang, Sonyeoshin, and more! (Part 1)

With six episodes of Doom at Your Service already out, @Byeol and @beesgiggle discuss some fun theories about the show, Myul Mang, Sonyeoshin, and more!


Byeol: Wow, what a deep first question. I haven’t thought of this yet.

Beesgiggle: Right? It really begs the question of – why did she call him a butterfly? Why did she make Dong Kyung remember Myul Mang crying in the funeral? You see that she’s in the works and already moving forward with her plan for Myul Mang and Dong Kyung but we don’t really know what it is yet.

For me, I feel like it was her intention is for Myul Mang to realize that creating destruction is not the only role he has in the world. For this specific episode [Episode 6], I noticed that he was protecting her, helping her. This means that his actual “job description” of creating doom and destruction, he doesn’t do with her.

Byeol: People say that Sonyeoshin may be the villain, but I don’t think so. I feel like that’s what they’re showing. Like the show is hinting that she could be doing something ominous, but that’s not her intention. Isn’t she the mother-figure of Myul Mang?

Beesgiggle: Yeah! That’s her!

Byeol: Yeah, so I think she wants to give Myul Mang a chance to be free and to be loved. [CHAR!] I think it’s really just that simple.

Beesgiggle: Yeah, I think that’s also part of it!


Byeol: Actually I thought about that too. The drama didn’t confirm it but-

Beesgiggle: It could be a twist in the show! Like a reveal – that there’s a deeper meaning to the bracelet than just an item they’re using to make sure she doesn’t feel pain during her 100 days.

Byeol: Yeah, so they’re showing that Myul Mang and Dong Kyung are connected or destined. It could be a symbol of their destinies.

But also thinking along the lines of – maybe it’s Myul Mang that’s the red string of fate. He’s the one who would guide Dong Kyung. Or even, they’re each other’s guide to love and happiness.

Beesgiggle: I love that idea! I was also curious about the red bracelet because of what happened at around Episode 4. You remember that scene where they were in the bus stop, Sonyeoshin was there, and she wanted to touch the bracelet? I was just curious why.

Byeol: Oh yeah! Do you think maybe she was just provoking Myul Mang though? Because I doubt that she would want to hurt Dong Kyung or Myul Mang if she’s really Myul Mang’s mother figure.


Beesgiggle: Two weeks ago you mentioned something about change.

Byeol: Because even if he likes that representation of the butterfly or not, there will be change either way. If he wants to be the “butterfly,” he changes within himself. If not, what will change would be the meaning of the butterfly. So either way, there’s change.

I think Myul Mang doesn’t have a specific set of powers. Like for example, in Tale of the Nine Tailed – they didn’t really explain what Lee Dong Wook’s powers are. They just showed that he could do this and that. He could really do anything. The clues we have are limited, so whatever the show gives us, I take it as is.

Byeol: Actually, I also have another question regarding that! Whenever he’s somewhere, he brings destruction with him – but how come it’s not always consistent? Is it because of Dong Kyung, that she somehow balances him out?

Beesgiggle: Well, I was thinking also that maybe it’s only him that thinks he’s doom – like maybe he’s not doom afterall? How come he’s able to use his powers for good?

Byeol: Like imposter syndrome?

Beesgiggle: Right? I mean, if he’s really doom personified, Myul Mang, then at the end of the first episode – this may sound really dark –he could have let Dong Kyung die, right? That scene where he was about to get hit by the truck of doom? If that’s really his purpose and it goes against the essence of his being, he shouldn’t have been capable of saving her, right?

Beesgiggle: He’s not capable of emotions, but obviously, he is. Even without Dong Kyung in the picture, he’s affected by what he does. He doesn’t like his role as doom and destruction, and tried to stop it himself.

Maybe there’s really more to him that Sonyeoshin is not showing us, and him.

Byeol: I feel like he’s really not black and white. Although he brings doom, he’s still able to save people.

Beesgiggle: That’s right, and I think he just has no idea he’s able to do that – because he’s so fixated on being doom himself.

This is just PART 1 of our theories discussion, so keep your eyes peeled this coming week for more theories!

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