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Doom at Your Service – Butterflies, destruction, and hope

Doom At Your Service started just two weeks ago, and with four episodes in, we’re happy to report that this new Viu Original is a definite show-stopper! With amazing comebacks from Seo In-Guk and Park Bo-Young, we enter into a world of deities and humans, hope and sorrow, and the overall balance of life.

With sweeping visuals and a metaphor-filled script, you’ll get sucked in this world and you definitely wouldn’t want to look back.

Doom Personified – Myul Mang

“It sure must be lonely to love the things that disappear the moment you touch them. Lonely enough to never want to love them.”

We’re loving this new look on Seo In-Guk! We haven’t seen in him in a role quite like it, and now we’re here thinking – why just now??? He’s perfect for the role!

What do we know of Myul Mang’s skillset so far?

  • He brings doom and destruction to the world
  • From his conversations with the deity and Dong Kyung, he doesn’t seem to like his purpose in the world. He doesn’t like that he brings doom, but when he tries to stop it, more destruction happens.
  • Sometimes the destruction that happens around him are not on purpose. They just happen because he is who he is.
  • If Dong Kyung wishes for the end of the world, he would be set free.

Because of this, we see him as colder and more cynical towards people, and believes that people cannot love him. He is only wanted, hated, or feared. He himself has denied many times that he is capable emotions. Dong Kyung protests otherwise, and we agree! Just the fact that he has held her hand since the beginning tells us there’s more to him than meets the eye.

New Age Candy – Tak Dong-Kyung

“Glioblastoma. You have multi-focal glioblastomas.”

When you learn you have at least 3 months to live, you cry your heart out, call your friends and family, and beg the doctor to do everything he can to live. Right? Not Tak Dong-Kyung. She says she can’t even do a biopsy because she has no vacation leaves left. Then she walks out of the doctor’s office without any tears, and even asks for a 3-month installment on her doctor’s fees (it’s dark, we know!). She embodies the Candy stereotype because she needs the help, but she doesn’t necessarily want it either.

She’s smart, she knows what she wants and Park Bo-Young plays her with ease. Though seemingly a bit dense, she has great foresight and is very empathetic. She knew right away how she could bypass Myul Mang’s contract and at the same time, understood where he was coming from. With her life now in Myul Mang’s hands, we’re so excited to follow on her journey to hope and love.

The Garden

“What about me? What is my position in your garden?”

“You’re a butterfly.”

The irony here is that for a deity that created everything, the gardener herself is in the body of a young woman with a heart condition. It shows the importance of balance – yin yang.  Even with Myul Mang, this balance is prevalent. Though he’s an able-bodied man, he has the role of bring doom and destruction to the world, and has no choice but to be this. The metaphor of the garden is also quite interesting. Once again pushing the concept of balance, the gardener has no choice whether or not her plants bear fruit.

And Myul Mang’s role in this garden? A butterfly. As the embodiment of doom, you’d expect that he would be the rot or even weeds. Definitely not a butterfly that usually symbolizes change, endurance, and hope. Something tells us that the deity definitely has something in store for our couple that we will have to discover together.

Different But Not Quite

When you think about it, the show is not different from the usual urban fantasy show. From the tortured deity in Myul Mang, we also see Gong Yoo’s Kim Shin. They’re both very unhappy with the cards they’re dealt with, and finds hope in this woman who might just set them free. Perhaps it’s because we’d seen Kim Shin as a more comedic character (at least in the beginning), but Myul Mang feels very dark in comparison. He wasn’t just agonizing over the loneliness of being able to live for eternity. His angst stems from the fact that he doesn’t like his role of being the destruction of the world. We’ve seen comparisons here with the Greek god Hades, and it totally makes sense!

It’s also very reminiscent of another fantasy OG My Girlfriend is a Gumiho with the 100 Day contract. In that show, everything went haywire by Day 50 as feelings grow and the deadline comes at a halfway point. If things don’t go as planned (or maybe exactly as the deity planned??), we just might be getting a shake-up in Doom At Your Service as well.

Nonetheless, Doom At Your Service has been incredible so far – from the writing, directing, cinematography. Another addicting drama for the books! So it won’t come as a surprise that we are so excited where things are headed for the show. What are you guys excited about for Doom At Your Service?

Watch Episode 1 here!

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