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First Impressions: Alice (Episode 1-4 Re-Viu)

Alice is a sci-fi mystery about a mother and son tandem separated by time and death. After the mysterious murder of his mom Park Sun-Young (Kim Hee-Sun), the seemingly heartless Park Jin-Gyeom (Joo Won) becomes a detective who later investigates the mysteries related to his mother’s death. In these investigations, he also meets a woman who surprisingly has the same face as his late mother. Thrilling and action-packed, this Joo Won comeback is definitely the show you wouldn’t want to miss!

An Anti-social Hero

Joo Won as Park Jin-Gyeom

Distant and cold even from a very young age, Jin-Gyeom is not the typical guy-next-door or even a tsundere that we usually see in dramas. People often misjudge and dislike him, but he is not easily conscious of it and most of the time, just doesn’t care. He grew up not having a lot of friends, so it was only mom that truly wanted to understand and love him for who he was. It’s for this reason that he sees her sacrifices for him, not just in special instances like the rooftop case, but as a single mom who works hard to keep him comfortable every day.

When mom’s tragic passing left him orphaned and alone, he strived to become a detective to find out the reason behind his mom’s mysterious death.

Time Traveler or Mom?

Kim Hee-Sun as Yoon Tae-Yi/Park Sun-Young

We meet Jin-Gyeom’s mom as Yoon Tae-Yi, a time traveler from 2050 on a secret mission. In the middle of it, she finds herself pregnant and fleeing from her mission to raise her child in 1992. She’s cool, quick-witted but at the same time very compassionate. Who she used to work for, and how she became a time traveler is still a mystery to us, but something tells us we won’t be in the dark for too long.

Jin-Gyeom, on the other hand, knew her as Park Sun-Young – a meek single mother who gave her all to her son. She has that quiet persistence and faith in doing what’s right, one trait that is especially highlighted by the rooftop incident. Her not giving up looking for a witness, and fighting for her child when everyone badmouthed him and spat on her face was so touching to see. So much so that Jin-Gyeom’s seemingly stone-cold heart has been touched too.

Hotel Alice (if you don’t want to be spoiled, please skip ahead!)

From these couple of episodes, here’s what we know about Alice and their team of time travelers:

  1. They escort people from the future to change things in the present.
  2. Immense technology is used to power their trips and still be incognito in the time periods they go back to.
  3. Drones are surveillance devices in order to keep track of the mission from far away.
  4. They are a highly secretive organization.
  5. They are after “The Book of Prophecy” – In the initial scenes of the show, we see a man reading the book and giving its last page to his daughter before he was murdered. What does this book contain? Where is that last page and what happened to the daughter now?

From this, we feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface of what they can actually do and what they stand for. But one thing’s for sure – we’re on our toes excited to find out.

What We’re Looking Forward To

  1. Mom & her doppelganger – At the end of episode 2 and 4, Jin-Gyeom meets someone who looks exactly like his mom. Is this the reunion that Jin-Gyeom has been yearning for? Or is she just someone who has a similar face? If so, how could she help uncover the mystery behind mom’s death?
  2. AliceWhat exactly do the people at Alice do? How can they time travel? When has this technology been created? What do they get for helping people go back to the past?
  3. Jin-Gyeom’s investigations – His most current case, with all its inconsistencies, points directly at Alice and their time-traveling technology. How will he find out about it? How will Go Hyeon-Seok (his adoptive father and boss) and Lee Da-In (his childhood friend and now reporter) help him put the pieces together to solve the case?

What do you think so far? Do you have any theories you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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