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First Impressions: Flower of Evil (Episode 1-2 Re-Viu)

Flower of Evil is a thriller mystery revolving around a married couple Baek Hee-Sung (Lee Joon-Gi) and Cha Ji-Won (Moon Chae-Won), as one leads double lives and the other brings people to justice. One is running away from a murderous past, and the other digs into it for answers. Very intriguing, thrilling with many shivers-down-your-spine type scenes, Flower of Evil will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat and looking for more.


We need to give credit where credit is due. Lee Joon-Gi in this role is amazing! His relationship with his daughter as this doting and loving dad contrasts so much with his creepy, murderous persona – and that’s all thanks to Lee Joon-Gi’s versatility. A special shout-out as well to Jung Taek-Hyun who did a magnificent job in the second episode as the young Hee-Sung (not to mention he looks so much like a young Lee Joon-Gi, they could be brothers!).

This premise of a murderous past actually presents a lot of questions for the audience: 1) Does he really love his family, his daughter especially? 2) Did he really commit those murders from years ago? 3) Did he marry Ji-Won because she was a detective? To be the first to know if their leads would track back to him? 4) With everyone he’s been interacting with regarding what’s happened 18 years ago, why do I have this gut feeling that he may not be the murderer??


Mirroring Hee-Sung’s exploits, we also follow Ji-Won’s cases involving attempted and actual murders for the first two episodes. Ji-Won’s team consists of another senior detective, Choi Jae-Sub (Choi Young-Joon), and hoobae Im Ho-Joon (Kim Jin-Woo). Ji-Won and Jae-Sub’s detective styles are usually very different, what with Ji-Won concentrating on hard evidence and Jae-Sub on his gut feel. Throughout the episode, it always shows how these two styles complement each other, making them successful in catching the culprits each time. Love it when a team can really work together efficiently, without anyone (usually the main lead) taking over the case. And it’s not all serious case-closing, it’s also really fun watching them both compete on who the hoobae’s role model is.


  1. The reveal – How will Ji-Won find out about Hee-Sung? We can’t wait to see her reaction when this happens!
  2. The unraveling of the mystery – Is Hee-Sung the real murderer? If there was no doubt about the premise that he’s the real deal as he confessed, how come the real murderer’s face was covered at the end of the second episode?

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