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First Impressions: When I Was the Most Beautiful

When I Was the Most Beautiful is a healthy mix of rom-com and melodrama surrounding our heroine Oh Ye-Ji (Im Soo-Hyang), a student teacher with a mysterious past, and her involvement with two brothers Seo Hwan (Ji Soo) and Seo Jin (Ha Seok-Jin). Seo Hwan first meets Ye-Ji as his teacher, falling in love with her at first sight. Seo Jin, on the other hand, meets her through Seo Hwan. In a love triangle between brothers, it would be interesting to see the intricacies of their relationship as well as the lengths they would go to fight for the woman they love. Both would eventually have to weigh in on what is most important – love or family?


Im Soo-Hyang as Oh Ye-Ji

Ye-Ji is the typical drama heroine who gets mistreated by her adoptive family and comes from a poor background but hides it behind a sweet and kind demeanor. Initially, the two men become attracted to her because of her beauty, but later on, are drawn by their instinct to take care of her from her abusive aunt. Her mysterious past and how she became an orphan are very interesting points of her character. The first two episodes are just scratching the surface. For sure, this is not all there is to her character.


Ji Soo as Seo Hwan

Ji Soo does what he does best – killing it with the second lead syndrome feels in the first week! Seo Hwan is quiet and less aggressive with his feelings compared to his brother, but it doesn’t mean that makes him any less sweet. His approach to courting Ye-Ji always comes from what she wants and what could make her comfortable and happy – letting her meet her pottery hero (his dad!) and hand-crafting a lamp so she doesn’t have to sleep with the lights off. Small but thoughtful!

Ha Seok-Jin as Seo Jin

Seo Jin, on the other hand, is almost the complete opposite in a way that he is more aggressive and direct with his feelings. He even mentions one time that he would date Ye-Ji if Seo Hwan is not interested. It almost comes to him naturally, but that could also be attributed to his player ways. We also see some character attributes from Seo Jin as well that may play a big role in the future. He’s a team player – although he did not like it, he went to work at their mom’s firm so he can sponsor his race driving team without asking help from his ex-girlfriend Carrie. This also leads us to the second point: Seo Jin knows when to draw the line. When confronted by Carrie, who happens to be in an affair with an old rich businessman, he immediately cuts ties with her.

Two very different personalities, the two brothers seem to have a lot of love and respect for each other. Will this one girl change that?


  1. Ye-Ji’s past – What really happened with her mom and dad? Was it mom who killed him? What led her to this traumatizing outcome?
  2. Who will it be? – The question on everyone’s minds: will it be Ji Soo? Is this finally the drama where he gets the girl, or will this just end up with us in tears? But most importantly, who will make her the happiest? Who will ultimately help Ye-Ji heal from the wounds of the past?

What are you most looking forward to? Have you seen the first week of When I Was the Most Beautiful? Let us know in the comments below!

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