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FUN-STAURANT: Our Favorite Celebrity Contestants

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In a cooking battle between celebrities, Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant features original dishes from our favorite Korean stars from the time of their conception to the actual cooking. The reality show program aims to help local farmers sell produce by featuring the winning dishes and selling them in local convenience stores. Sustainable and fun!

At the end of the day, it’s a competition and it just shows how competitive and talented some of these well-known actors are. Suprising how many times the show surprises us with hidden talents – who knew Yoo Eun-Hye could cook like a chef? Want to know who our favorite contestants are?


It’s thanks to Jung Il-Woo that the show was later put in the reality show map. As one of the first contestants of the show, Il-Woo actually discovered Dalgona coffee in one of his trips for Macau for the show. That episode kickstarted the Dalgona trend last summer at the height of the COVID lockdown. Definitely one of the household favorites, we all wish he could make a comeback to the Fun-staurant stage.

Catch Jung Il-Woo’s best here:

Episode 19


Best known for buying and cooking in bulk, Yu-Ri’s eccentricity and let’s be honest, cuteness is what makes her one of our favorites! Her alter-ego Lee Yo-Ri (a pun for her name as the word yo ri means cooking) is revealed when she’s shown with a mole on her left cheek. Because of her entertaining, often really funny antics while cooking or looking for ingredients, it’s no surprise that many were excited when she made her comeback after her drama Lie After Lie had ended. Catch her singing to red bell peppers in one of the episodes, it’s a concert you wouldn’t want to miss!

Catch Lee Yu-Ri’s best here:

Episode 57


To everyone’s surprise, the Coffee Prince herself was actually good at cooking! Specializing in baking bread, her baked goods look like their baked by a professional! She didn’t even learn by taking lessons! She just taught herself and learned from tutorial videos. Definitely one of the more ambitious contestants on the Fun-Staurant stage, we’re looking forward to seeing her be a guest contestant again!

Catch Yoon Eun-Hye’s best here:

Episode 50


Love, love, love our House Husband Ryu Soo-Young! He always makes the most intricate dishes, you know that he gave a lot of love and care to each and every one of them. During his segments in the show, it sometimes feels like you’re watching a tutorial video with tips and tricks on how to cook the dishes that he offers. He’s also the one with the fanciest tools and ingredients so each dish he makes is unique and definitely enticing.

Catch Ryu Soo-Young’s best here:

Episode 60


Kim Jae-Won definitely brought Return of Superman to Fun-Staurant! In all the rounds that he participated in Jae-Won always brought along his son Yi-Jun with him. It’s so cute to see father and son bond over food and cooking together. Probably because of his son, Jae-Won often cooks healthy dishes, and even gives tips on how to pursue a healthy lifestyle. You just know that whatever Jae-Won cooks, it’s Yi-Jun approved!

Catch Kim Jae-Won’s best here:

Episode 55

Were your favorites also part of the list? Share your favorite celebrity guests on Fun-Staurant on the comments section below!