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Ghost Doctor ReViu

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve seen the last episode of Ghost Doctor, and if there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that this show has been a fun and heartwarming ride! 

Join us as we dissect the show, and tell you why we love it so much – here’s our Ghost Doctor ReViu!

The Magic

The ghost genre (if you will) is not new in k-dramaland. Just last year, we saw and enjoyed ghost-busting duo Jang Nara and Jung Yong Hwa in Sell Your Haunted House. On to more classic dramas, we’ve also seen body-takeovers like Park Bo Yong and Jo Jung Suk’s Oh My Ghostess

But the way they established the premise of body-takeovers here in Ghost Doctor is very different. It wasn’t soul-searching, but more in service of other people. It’s a great addition to the medical genre, as it puts doctors and their passion to help people on center stage. 

The Bromance

If there’s any reason you should watch this show, the bromance should most definitely be at the top of your list. 

There’s really just something about Kim Bum and making bromances iconic. First, with his breakout stint in Boys Over Flowers, then his comeback role in Tale of the Nine Tailed – and now, here with veteran and lovable Rain

We see a new side to Rain as well! When we’re used to his more comedic roles, he really upped his game in delivering some of the most heart-wrenching performances from the show. 

Just loved seeing how these two started as enemies, turned to reluctant co-conspirators, and eventually actual friends that helped each other in the hardest of times. The progression of their relationship was paced really well too, so we just had a fun ride full of laughter, antics, and let’s be honest here, eye candy!

The Leading Ladies

How can we not give a shout to these boss ladies? We actually hope we saw more of them together – because they were hilarious as the two girlfriends stealing time to spend time with their man. 

Jang Se Jin (UEE)  was radiant and just exuded so much grace. Though reluctant at first, she fought hard to keep him safe the moment he got into a coma. How could she not melt even the formidable Cha Young Min’s icy heart, when all she did was take care of him (even at the expense of her health)?

On the other hand, we have Oh Soo Jung (Son Na Eun), better known to most of us as Crystal! This girl gave us all the laughs, as she slowly but surely figured out the whole ruse and accepted it as truth. It’s especially funny when she knows it’s Young Min inside and almost always, slaps him out to get her Seung Tak back.

The Politics

The mystery and the politics was actually our least favorite part of the show – BUT we love how these circumstances actually brought our leads together and forced them to work together. It built their friendship, so without these challenges, we won’t be getting the bromance! Definitely gained us a few scenes from Go Seung Tak and Cha Young Min that gave us heart attacks – but assured very satisfying victories that just make you want to do standing ovations in your living room.

Overall, this show was such a delight! We’ll look back on this and see a medical drama that doesn’t only showcase the doctors’ skills, but also their heart for service. For Seung Tak’s case, he wasn’t the best skilled, but worked hard to get to where he is. And for Young Min, the humility to value life. What a great drama to start 2022!