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Kingdom: Legendary War – Thoughts from a Non-KPOP Fan

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That title – controversial, I know! Though a long-time K-Drama fan, I have never gotten into the world of KPOP until now. So coming into Kingdom: Legendary War was a bit of an eye-opener and a pleasant surprise for sure!

Amazing performances from global heavyweights

You don’t have to be a KPOP fan to know who these bands are, but you definitely have to see shows like this to be able to see their amazing live performances. Each performance looks like a pre-produced music video!

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A more grounded approach to idols

In a competitive environment like this one, people would definitely expect professionalism and dedication to the craft. Sometimes we put these artists on a pedestal, but this show was also able to share a lot of what’s going on behind the scenes. And we find that these idols are so much like us – they also want to excel when mistakes are made, and they also get nervous before a big performance.

Felix – Stray Kids
Juyeon – The Boyz

They know how to break the ice

The first episode of the show was so much fun to watch because of the interactions between all the groups. In a seemingly very tense and awkward environment like Kingdom, the BTOB hyungs were able to break the ice and joke around with everyone. When SF9 arrived and literally bowed to BTOB, that brought on more laughter that just made everyone feel comfortable.

We get to see their hard work behind the scenes

Related to the second point, the behind the scenes were a big help in showing us the process behind each performance and each bands’ hard work to get to the Kingdom stage. This way, we as the audience really get to appreciate each note and dance step.


They’re fans too!

What’s so much fun about this show is the fact that the bands are fans too, and we can really see them enjoy each performance the way we are enjoying them. It’s so relatable to see how our reactions at home are the exact same ones that they have watching these performances.

Seonghwa – ATEEZ

What are your thoughts on Kingdom: Legendary War? If you’re a non-KPOP fan, do you feel the same way? Watch the first episode below!

Watch Episode 1 here!