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KPop Fridays: Meet the Boys of T1419!

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Viu had the special privilege of inviting MLD Entertainment’s T1419 to our virtual trade event Be Part of the Viu last December 3 not only for a special number but also for an exclusive interview. Since then, the pre-debut band had created waves from their variety show Daily Us to their debut single #ASURABALBALTA (launched just last January 11). With nine amazingly talented boys in the group, time to meet T1419!


From our interview with them, they mentioned that at the time of the band’s creation, their ages were from 14-19 years old (their maknae Kio though is now 16 years old). With talents from Japan and South Korea, they wanted to embody the passion, vision and drive that teenagers have in their work, hence the letter T in the name.


There are two main vocalists in the group – Sian and Kevin. Sian even gave us a sample of his amazing voice when he sang Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips during the event.

Kairi, who is also a vocalist in the group, mentioned his trip in the Philippines when he was younger. Remembering the trip as a really fun experience, enjoying the sights and the food especially, he is excited to visit the Philippines with T1419 in the future.


There are also three main rappers in the group. When asked to choose between singing or dancing – Noa, the group’s leader, funnily answered that he preferred rapping. In one of the Daily Us episodes, he briefly mentions also writing the song lyrics for the group. Gunwoo and Leo are rappers for the group as well.


Though not the main singers or rappers – expect On, Zero, and Kio to serve the best visuals. When asked though, On and Zero prefers dancing while Kio likes singing more.


Excited to take on the bigger stage, they had their own reality show Daily Us. During the interview, Sian explained that it was the first time that they were able to bond outside of their busy schedules. Through missions and challenges in each episode, they were able to have fun together. But more importantly for the fans, it’s also an avenue where viewers can see their individual personality and charm.

Currently, the group has three singles to their name: Dracula, Row, and now ASURABALBALTA. We’re so excited what heights this group will go next. Congratulations on a successful debut, T1419!

For more updates from the band, you can check out the T1419 Facebook and Instagram, as well as MLD Entertainment’s social media channels.