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Mr. Queen: Joseon’s First Foodstagram

Mr. Queen is a very complex story of a man Bong Hwan (played by Choi Jin-Hyuk) who goes back in time trapped in Queen So Young’s (played by Shin Hye-Sun) body. Being a Blue House chef in the future, he used his talents to use and impressed the Grand Queen Dowager. He made such amazing food that even the palace head chef could not replicate. Dae Jang Geum who??

We’re so amazed (and honestly, really frustrated we can’t have a taste) by Bong Hwan’s creations, we had to make a list! So presenting – Joseon’s First Foodstagram, cue the Onara soundtrack and let’s begin!

Samyang Ramyeon

Bong’s Hwan’s first dish in the palace! After so many attempts by the palace head chef to serve hangover ramyeon, Bong Hwan had to take matters into his own hands. In the process, he introduced ramyeon to Joseon! Here we find the supposed meaning of Samyang. “Sam” means three because of the three distinct flavors in the ramyeon (shitake mushrooms, meat, and green onion). “Hyang” means aroma, while “Ra” is small pot. A flavor-packed meal in a small pot indeed!

Joseon Masterchef

Bong Hwan and the Palace Head Chef battle in the kitchen, Masterchef style, to see who is the best chef in the Palace. Of course, it’s Bong Hwan who reigns supreme receiving good comments from their judge notably saying, “I have never tasted anything like this before.”

First time’s the charm?

The first dish Bong Hwan cooked for the Grand Queen Dowager, it was the first time baking food was introduced in Joseon. It’s funny the Palace Chef initially felt bad that she used all of the good ingredients only for her to burn them. What he didn’t know – Bong Hwan was using a French cooking technique called confit that would actually make the meat more tender, and of course more delicious! The Grand Queen Dowager loved it so much she came to Bong Hwan’s (well, So Young) quarters to thank her!

Potato and Milk Porridge

Though milk was such a rare ingredient during that time, Bong Hwan pulled all the stops to create this beautiful dish. It’s such a shame can just imagine how creamy, tender and delicious the dish was!  Again, the Grand Queen Dowager loved it!


The palace head chef cannot be usurped! This cool tea looks so good and refreshing on a hot summer’s day!

BONUS: Joseon’s First Delivery Service

Creating the best dishes in the palace is not enough. The food must be fresh and warm when served, thus a palanquin just for food!

We have enjoyed so many dishes that Bong Hwan made in the palace so far, what are your favorites? We look forward to more in the future episodes!

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