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One Hour Challenge: My Hero Academia

New segment alert! This article officially opens our latest segment – One Hour Challenge! How it works:

  1. Pick a show we haven’t seen before,
  2. Watch at least one hour of the show,
  3. AND talk about it here on the blog!

For our first entry, @beesgiggle – our resident Kdrama super fan, first time anime watcher – tries out My Hero Academia

Number of minutes watched: 73:30 minutes

Number of episodes: 3

The First Hour

In this universe, almost a big chunk of the population is born with a quirk – super powers that make each person special. Quirks can differ in terms of strength and usefulness, but there are people who are quirkless too. Normal people who don’t have powers. My Hero Academia centers around Izuku Midoriya, a quirkless teenager, dreaming of being a superhero himself. 

Initial Thoughts

My Hero Academia is a fun, fresh take on the superhero genre. It’s definitely a hero’s journey – no doubt about this but it’s definitely different in a big way. The usual introduction to a superhero shows how they got their powers, starting with the hero being bit by a radioactive spider or a multi-billionaire creating his own super suit. So it’s interesting how the story delved on why Midoriya deserved to be one. 

It’s an underdog story – he was bullied for being quirkless but he strived to be something better than what he already was. He had a dream and fought for it. But most importantly, he had that inane desire to help the helpless. If you ask us, that’s a trait that he could be proud of! It’s not easy to be as selfless as he is! 

We can’t help but relate too – he’s a definite fanboy! Him meeting All Might is definitely us fangirling over our favorite oppas in Kdramas (hihi). We can only hope we get to meet our idols in the future!

Favorite Moment

“My legs moved on their own. Why? I don’t know either… You looked like you needed help.”

Izuku Midoriya, S01E02

The highlight of the hour was definitely that part where Midoriya selflessly ran into harm’s way to help Kacchan! He had nothing – no powers but the knowledge of how superheroes fought villains and attacked. It was a total spur of the moment decision. He didn’t think, and just let his heart take him. Of course, his plan failed because he was not strong enough and was later on saved by All Might. But it made us, and probably everyone watching the scene unfold, that heroism doesn’t only come from people with quirks. Being a hero means having the heart to help and save people. 

Favorite Character

All Might – hands down! Totally love it when a seemingly perfect hero has flaws too. Interesting too that being the All Might everyone knows is temporary, and because of this, he’ll need to look for a successor. 

A good mentor to Midoriya, it’s not a surprise that Midoriya is the way he is because All Might possesses the same heroic attitude. He’s a lot of fun and very quirky too – definitely a hero we have never seen before!

In the next episodes, I’m so excited to see what the side effects of him passing on his power would be (if any) and if he’ll be able to keep his secret for long. Will definitely watch more episodes to find out!

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