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Our Favorite (and not so favorite) Drama Dads!

Happy Appa Day to all of the dads out there! To celebrate, we’d made a list of our favorite – and not so favorite – Drama dads! Please take note though that we mention some scenes here from the shows so you may encounter a spoiler or two – you have been warned!

Favorite Appa #1: Young Shin’s Dad (Healer)

Chae Chi-Soo, better known as Young Shin’s appa, is not actually her biological father. What warms our hearts about him though is the way he cherishes and loves her like she is. They have so many endearing scenes together, but our favorite hands down is the one where he finally meets Young Shin’s real mom and actually fills her in on her childhood. Of course, a close second is that hilarious scene where

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(Un)Favorite Appa #1: Mr. Hwang (Youth of May)

Talk about formidable! In one sense, Mr. Hwang does feel a bit like those late 2000s chaebol moms who don’t want their children to marry poor love interests. BUT Mr. Hwang has more depth than this. He’s pressured to gain more power, so of course, he needs to hold hands with another chaebol to get this. In this quest for power though, he didn’t realize how much his family is starting to slip away. And he realizes this too late.

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Favorite Appa #2: Hong Dae Young (18 Again)

Hong Dae-Young, our favorite young dad! His journey wasn’t easy – in accepting to be a father, he had to give up on his dreams of being an athlete. At a young age, he had to work and miss great opportunities because he needs to feed, not only his young wife but also his twins. In being 18 again though, he realizes that although he had to give up his dream, a new dream blossomed in its place – being a supportive dad and loving husband.

(Un)Favorite Appa #2: Joo Dan Tae (Penthouse)

Another dad blinded by ambition! He’s the type of chaebol dad that would bribe schools to allow his children to study there, even if they probably aren’t qualified to be there. Though at least Seok Hoon is diligent, Seok Kyung definitely is not. And Dan Tae’s behavior just made them both conceited and spoiled. And to this the fact that he physically and emotionally abuses them – definitely one of the worst dads out there.

Favorite Appa #3: Ju Kyung’s Dad (True Beauty)

When Ju Kyung’s mom was infamously unsupportive of her and her make-up hobby, her dad was the complete opposite. He was the one who encouraged her to do what she wanted, sometimes even behind her mom’s back. He supported her before the issue erupted at school and encouraged her (with a fan-full of samgyupsal nonetheless!) when it did. We totally love how Ju Kyung’s dad embodied a fun and laid-back attitude!

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BONUS: Another Favorite Appa – Qiao Yi and Guang Chao’s Step Dad (Le Coup de Foudre)

Qiao Yi and Guang Chao’s relationship with their step dad was all kinds of mushy and aww-inducing. Even though he wasn’t their real dad, he really went out of his way to make sure that they felt like he was. He was kind, loving, and fun– even his disability didn’t stop his positivity! He had a lot of tear-jerking moments in the show too, with moments that make you so happy that dads like him exist.

Watch Episode 1 here!

Are your favorite drama dads in this list? Have you seen all the shows here? If you haven’t yet, these dramas are definitely great to watch with your dad this Appa Day!

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