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First Impressions: Police University

Police University takes college dramas to the next level with the mix of comedy, heart, and some police investigations. It’s some of the tropes we know and love – a criminal turning to the good side, an underdog story, a pen pal relationship; all sprinkled with some Korean jeong – we’re already in for a ride! 

We’ll be discussing the first four episodes of the show so if you don’t want to see spoilers, watch the episodes and come back to discuss with us!

You’ve Got Mail?

The story actually starts with an anonymous chat between a detective and a hacker. But it’s not the type of pen pal relationship you would expect! This hyung-dongsaeng relationship, though founded in anonymity, has bloomed to suspect-detective and then student-professor. There was a lot of tension (and laughs!) seeing this relationship progress but Detective Yoo (Cha Tae Hyun) and Sun Ho (Jung Jin Young) in their differences actually make a good pair! You can see that though Detective Yoo is at first apprehensive about Sun Ho, he’s secretly rooting for him to succeed.

We love that it was revealed that they were Bird and Yoon earlier on in the show too, because this will for sure kickstart their relationship to a whole new level. We’re looking forward to seeing how they unpack the mystery of this case together!

Coming of Age

What makes this show so fun is at the heart of it, it is a coming of age story. It actually reminds us of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo a bit. Aside from the college setting, it’s a story about growth, friendship, and love. 

The core group that Sun Ho creates just speaks friendship goals! You just know that no matter what decision he makes, they would be there to support him and in the same way, he would support them. They make each other better people. And as much as we love girl trios in other shows, we are quickly falling in love with this trio as well!

Can’t believe we’ve come this far without talking about Kang Hee (Krystal Jung), because we totally love her! Love her budding romance with Sun Ho from the moment they met until they got into university. Coming from their conversations alone, they also inspire each other not to care about what others think and just be themselves. And come on, they’re so cute together!

What makes this show special though is what we learn about true leadership. How leaders sometimes have to make huge sacrifices to make sure their team is okay. One of our favorite moments in the show was when Sun Ho decided to take the fall for their trio because they were caught eating ramen. You know it made an impact on Detective Yoo too, because he started to loosen up with him after that.

Making Dad Proud

Dad was definitely the highlight of the first few episodes! He made us cry so many times! Though Sun Ho keeps saying that it was because of Kang Hee that he wanted to go to Police University, we believe part of it is because of dad! Though they are not related by blood, they still have that special bond. 

Especially after being caught hacking and stealing from cyber criminals, it must have been a priority for Sun Ho to make the person who raised him proud. At the end of the day, his dream is not to be a police officer. It’s to make sure that he gives back to dad for all the sacrifices he had done for him. We’re definitely looking forward if Sun Ho ends up fulfilling this in the end. Crossing our fingers that this is the case!

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