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The Future Is Female: Viuniverse’s Current Favorite Girlbosses

It’s pageant season! And with new queens being crowned, the thick air of women empowerment got us inspired to look at our current shows and found a lot of strong amazing women at the helm! They’re all strong in their own way, and we’re just glad we’re able to showcase that diversity with this lineup!

Hong Cheon Gi – Lovers of the Red Sky

Living with a father with mental instability at such a young age, Cheon Gi (Kim Yoo Jung) had to grow up early. Too early. Add to this that she was disabled herself – blind but finding joy in painting. In retrospect, she could have grown up to be angry and bitter about her life and her circumstances. But in the end, she didn’t let her circumstances bring her down. She worked hard to be her family’s breadwinner and did it by doing the craft she loves. In the end, she matured to be compassionate, resourceful, spunky, and just wonderful. Add to this her amazing talent for painting – what’s not to love about this girl?

Jo Yeon Joo – One the Woman

Our Amnesia Queen! For someone who’s lost her memories, Yeon Joo (Honey Lee) adapted really well to her new family. She was able to navigate through their attitudes and sip on the tea she has on them all day. And though she sometimes fumbles, she gets back up high kicking! Sometimes literally!

Kim Dali – Darli and the Cocky Prince

Educated, refined, rich but not snobby. This multi-lingual art director has it all! It’s no wonder that Jin Moo Hak had been attracted the moment he laid eyes on her and hadn’t stopped ever since! Dali (Park Gyu Young) is kind, hardworking, and open; and sees things from a fresh perspective. There’s a bunch of gangsters at the halls of her art gallery? Make them pay tickets, and help them find meaning in the paintings! Only a true queen can make a gangster feel like a patron!

Oh Kang Hee – Police University

Smart, commanding, kind – Oh Kang Hee (Krystal Jung) has it all! For instance, she’s a great leader! This showed especially in their initial trainings. You’d see her ensuring the team’s competitiveness, but also putting everyone’s safety first. And she’s emotionally very strong, struggling with the fact that her own mother is in jail. She’s emotionally strong, but her wanting to go to Police University means her moral compass is strong as well! Let’s not forget Sun Ho only decided to come to Police University because he first heard her talk passionately about it! If you want someone on your squad, it’s gotta be Kang Hee! 

Who are your current favorite girlbosses? Let us know in the comments below!