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The Women of The Broken Marriage Vow

One of the things we love about The Broken Marriage Vow is the various personalities and colors of the women in the show – strong, resilient, but can also be vulnerable. Especially this International Women’s Month, we wanted to celebrate TBMV and its representation of the many facets of being a woman. Join us as we take a closer look at our main characters!

Spoiler warning (until Episode 40)!

Dra. Jill

As our main protagonist, had to go through so many challenges – not only did she experience betrayal from her husband (in all aspects of their family and married life) but she also experienced bullying as a doctor. But despite all this, she remained steadfast and resilient. 

As a mother, she was strong for Gio and wanted to shield him from the brunt of the aftermath of the revelations. As a wife, she was forgiving but does not compromise. She knows her limits and knows when to say enough is enough. And that takes a lot of courage and strength.


A lot of people are angry at Lexy for being “the other woman.” But there’s a vulnerability in her that many fail to recognize. She was also just a woman who loved – but loved at the wrong time.

Let’s not forget too, how much David gaslighted her into staying with him. Though she was complicit to the deed, she was also very much a victim of manipulation. It’s just too bad that she was too naive and blinded by her love for him that she did not see that. We’ll see how this relationship will progress, but as the old saying describes – nasa huli ang pagsisisi.


Diane is actually another interesting character – and we love the parallels that they’ve drawn between her and Lexy. Though her ex resorted to physical violence instead of an emotional one, they’re very similar in a sense that they were both victims of love and the toxicity that that love entails. 

However, Diane is also a great contrast to Lexy – because she stood up for herself. She was able to break free from that toxic relationship, and start a new happy life.

Marina Illustre (David’s Mom)

We’ve seen the social media chatter. We all have mixed feelings for David’s mom. Though she is a protector of her family, it goes to the extreme degree that it hurts other people. The way she talked to Jill about the affair was just hurtful. And as a woman and mother, did not look like she had sympathy for what Jill was going through.

But then again, she is and will forever be a mom. Though we are third party spectators to the story, that still remains. What can you not do for your children?

Nathalia Lucero (Lexy’s Mom)

Nathalia is another protector, though in a different sense from Marina. She’s more laid back, though she was not the type that Lexy was comfortable sharing her deepest secrets with. She was not even aware that her daughter was pregnant until it was brutally revealed by Jill.

But when she did know, she also went above and beyond to protect her child and make sure she’s in safe hands – even trusted David to take care of Lexy despite the affair, and against her husband’s wishes. 

At the end of the day, we love the Women of The Broken Marriage Vow – even though some of them make our blood boil. That even though their decisions may not be the ones we would take, there is a deeper reason behind those decisions. We understand them, sympathize with them, and understand that their experiences define them. Isn’t it just great to see these diverse women reflected in this way?

These are just some of the women on the show – would you like to see a Part 2??

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