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Underrated Gems: Chip In (Full Series Re-Viu)

Ever played Cluedo as a child trying to guess if the murder was done by the Maid at the Dining Room using a Candlestick? That’s what “Chip In” is all about. The drama is a whodunnit mini-series from MBC.

In “Chip In,” we have the famous and rich painter Yoo In-ho (Nam Moon-chul) who happens to be terminally ill and is about to share his last will and testimony to his family and probably inheritors. However, just before they learn what’s in his will, they find the painter dead in his bed. And he was murdered!

Let’s talk about the suspects and family members of Yoo In Ho.

Oh Na-ra as Kim Ji-hye, Kim Hye-jun as Bit-na

First up are the mother and daughter tandem. Kim Ji-hye (Oh Na-ra) is his mistress and mother of In-ho’s only child Bit-na (Kim Hye-jun). Ji-hye just happens to have money problems, so she’s very keen on getting some of Yoo In-ho’s wealth. Bit-na, however, could care less about her father’s money or her father himself. He hasn’t been a caring dad to her, so she’s distant towards him. Could Ji-hye’s greed be enough motive to kill off the painter?

Next, let’s meet Ji Sul-young (Kim Jung-young). She was In-ho’s wife before he divorced her after Ji-hye became pregnant. After learning that he’s dying, he asked her to get back together with him. And she agreed! Does Sul-young still love her ex-husband?

Kim Jung-young as Ji Sul-young

Meanwhile, Sul-young and Ji-hye are always at each other’s throats. They throw shade at each other like the summer sun in the tropics. But maybe Ji-hye’s accusations are not just figments of her imaginations. Ji-hye can’t show proof to back it though.

Then we have Dok Ko-chul (Han Soo-hyun) who is In-ho’s half brother and a conman with four convictions of fraud. Everything he does is suspicious. Who can ever trust a conman, right? He’s just half related to In-ho, and he’s definitely interested in getting as much of the inheritance as he can. 

Even his daughter Dok Go-sun (Kim Si-eun) doesn’t trust him and thinks he’s capable of murdering her uncle. 

Speaking of his niece, he also has a nephew. Yoo Hae-joon (Choi Gyu-jin) is the son of In-ho’s brother. He’s a handsome law student, but his grades aren’t to boast of. Yoo In-ho pays for his tuition, but he threatened to stop doing that if Hae-joon’s grades continue to be lackluster. Maybe it’s his learnings from law school that has him keenly observing every member of the family. Could he murder his benefactor-uncle to get more money from him?

Not entirely part of the family but an old college friend of Yoo In-ho, Moon Jung-wook (Lee Yoon-hee) lives in the same house. Some say he doesn’t have the same talent as In-ho which is why he dropped his art and became In-ho’s manager instead. He definitely looks like he’s totally subservient to In-ho’s whims. Certainly this mousy man couldn’t kill his long-time friend, right?

Lastly, we have Mrs. Park (Nam Mi-jung), the family maid who’s been working for Yoo In-ho for 20 years. They say she stayed only because the painter promised her a cut of his wealth when he dies. Well, if that’s not a reason for wanting someone dead, I don’t know what is. She surely shows no love for the temperamental artist nor for anyone in the family for that matter, except for Bit-na. She seems the least emotionally attached person to Yoo In-ho to easily off him without care. But then was she that sure she’d get some of his inheritance like he said?

(Left to Right) Han Soo-hyun as Dok Ko-chul, Kim Si-eun as Dok Go-sun, Choi Gyu-jin as Yoo Hae-jun, Lee Yoon-hee as Moon Jung-wok, Oh Na-ra, and Nam Mi-jung as Mrs. Park

Everyone wanted a share of Yoo In-ho’s pot of gold, instead they all got a share of finger pointing and accusation from one another. Each one of them has a secret or two, and it’s making it more difficult to figure out who really did murder the painter. In fact, some of them only want to find out the killer to eliminate someone else from their cut of the inheritance. 

Oh. If you feel that “Chip In” is a dark and sinister series, you’re quite mistaken. The characters are quirky caricatures you don’t take quite seriously. But when things get emotional, these actors deliver with a punch.

It’s a fun ride to play along figuring out who the murderer is. And at the end of about 8 hours, they deliver a nice moral lesson and tie everything up neatly. It’s a good binge-able series that you can finish in one sitting.

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