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Underrated Gems: Into the Ring (Episode 1-4 Re-Viu)

Unironically – this is an underdog story of Goo Se-Ra, an unemployed twenty-nine year old who was unjustly fired from her job. After seeing a couple of posters for a city representative position, she decides to run herself. A modern and young take on the world of politics, Into the Ring is a definite fun watch.

During this journey, she is joined by her two supportive girlfriends, Jang Han-Bi and Kim Mi-Soo, who help her as an independent candidate. She also meets Seo Gong-Myung – her previous co-worker in the public office, who unintentionally gives her the idea of running for office.


If there’s any reason why you should watch this show, it’s this heroine. Though an underdog, Goo Se-Ra is no damsel in distress. She’s sunny, very hard working, and has the fighting spirit of a tiger. Her counter-measures for unemployment could be considered absurd and unrealistic, but her struggles and perseverance despite them make her relatable.


  1. More fun shenanigans – Since this is a comedy, we hope we can find the fun and creative way she will run the campaign.
  2. Girl squad! – We’ve seen her chemistry with her friends in this initial first two episodes and we can’t wait to see them work together. Groups of friends have been a welcome drama trend these past few months, so we hope we can see more in the future!
  3. A David and Goliath story – Looking forward to seeing how Se-Ra defeats the major political party in the election – or will she?
  4. Opposites attract – When we’re introduced to Se-Ra and Gong-Myung, we see that they’re so different from each other. What could possibly be the magnet that would pull them together? Not to mention, Se-Ra has a boyfriend now, so we’ll see how that will pan out.

Have you watched Into the Ring already? What do you think of the show so far? If you haven’t watched it, as the honorable Goo Se-Ra would say – WHY NOT? Check it out on the link below!