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Viuniverse Awards 2020

Though the year 2020 had disappointed many, there has been a common notion that dramas have given a lot of joy despite the challenging times. Viuniverse Awards 2020 was created to give back to these shows that gave us excitement, joy, and fun – recognition for the actors, actresses, and dramas we enjoyed the most.

For Viu Team’s Choice we have asked the Viu Philippines team of their favorite dramas of the year and recognized seven standouts from a variety of genres ranging from drama, comedy, and fantasy.

As for the Viuniverse Polls – we gathered poll results from our Facebook Group to ask our members to vote for their Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Leading Actor, Best Leading Actress, and Best Drama of 2020. While some results were head to head, others won by a landslide. Either way, it’s no surprise – all the performances on the list were absolute standouts.

Viu Team’s Choice – Favorite Dramas of the Year

A World of Married Couple

A World of Married Couple managed to shock its viewers with its dramatic scenes, paired with amazing acting from veteran actress Kim Hee-Ae as Dr. Ji Sun-Woo, Park Hae-Joon as her cheating husband Lee Tae-Oh, and Han So-Hee as the woman who stole her husband. Each jaw-dropping episode kept everyone on their feet each week, that it took over Sky Castle’s position as the highest rating cable drama. A definite standout!

Watch Episode 1 here!

Flower of Evil

Showing excellence in the thriller and suspense genre, Flower of Evil was also able to give relevant themes on mental health and acceptance of your truest self. Writing was also very well done, sending reveals upon reveals that just leave viewers at the edge of their seats. Started great and ended great – one for the books!

Watch Episode 1 here!

Zombie Detective

A fresh new take on the typical zombie story! Unique, funny, quirky – Zombie Detective is a story about a zombie who just want to live a normal human life. When the usual approach for the zombie storyline is to take the suspense route, the show is relatable and creative. Choi Jin Hyuk who plays the titular zombie, shows a very different performance from his usual roles.

Watch Episode 1 here!

Dr. Romantic 2

In its second installment of Dr. Romantic, this show did not disappoint! The show was still very successful in creating tension from the challenges of being doctors, but at the same time delivered on the romance! Lee Sung-Kyung and Ahn Hyo-Seop gave amazing performances as two broken doctors who need emotional healing.

Watch Episode 1 here!

Do You Like Brahms?

One of the most underrated gems of 2020 – Do You Like Brahms charmed everyone with its unique and inspiring take on following your dreams, no matter how difficult it is to achieve them. Heartwarming and kilig all the same, a definite win!

Watch Episode 1 here!

Lie After Lie

Makjang in its best form, Lie After Lie follows a woman who had to pretend to fall in love with the man who adopted her own daughter. It did not only make history for its high ratings for Channel A, it also showed amazing and engaging performances from Lee Yoo Ri, Lee Il Hwa, and Yeon Jeong Hun.

Watch Episode 1 here!

Tale of the Nine Tailed

An amazing tale of two brothers – Lee Dong Wook and Kim Bum both shine as mystical gumihos in the search for the meaning of true romantic and familial love. It’s awe-inspiring as well as heart-wrenching, it stays with you long after it’s done.

Watch Episode 1 here!


Best Supporting Actor

In this role Kim Bum plays Lee Rang, a villain who wants to seek revenge to a caring and loving brother. Showing so much nuance and versatility in his character arc, we were able to see amazing acting prowess that we didn’t expect from his feat on Boys Over Flowers. He had shown so many layers to this character that people won’t forget!

Best Supporting Actress

Kim Jung Nan played Granny Taluipa also in Tale of the Nine Tailed! She had the strict and caring nature of a mother, but also the cold-heartedness of the keeper of the underworld. Kim Jung Nan showed so much nuance in this character!

Best Actor

Lee Joon-Gi gave an absolutely amazing and hair-raising performance in Flower Of Evil! The way he was able to shift from psychopath to an emotional husband and father who just wants to protect his family – he deserves all the awards! Add to this his good chemistry and synergy with Moon Chae-Won just made the show more electrifying every week.

Best Actress

Lee Sung-Kyung gave a versatile, dramatic and overall amazing performance! The way that she was able to showcase good character development all throughout the show, while at the same time have amazing chemistry with both Ahn Hyo-Seop and Han Suk-Kyu made it such a memorable performance.

Best Drama

Viu Team’s Choice as well as the Viuniverse Poll winner! An amazing feat for Flower Of Evil! Amazing directing, writing, and acting from Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won! With this trifecta of story elements, it’s no surprise that people tuned into the show every week excited to see what happens next!