You are currently viewing Viuniverse Awards 2021: Fan Favorites Poll (Results!)

Viuniverse Awards 2021: Fan Favorites Poll (Results!)

For two weeks, we’ve asked hard core fans to vote and send love to their favorite actors and tv shows of 2021. And the results are out! 

Check out your Viuniverse Awards 2021: Fan Favorites winners:

Best Supporting Actor

We start off with the Best Supporting Actor – Lee Soo Hyuk! This love triangle in Doom At Your Service was one of the most difficult to guess because the two genuinely looked like amazing candidates for the love of Na Ji Na. But Lee Soo Hyuk definitely showed that he can up the ante with the charm, and make us all believe in love again. He had really funny chemistry with Park Bo Young as her laid back team leader too, which is a big bonus.

Best Supporting Actress

Ready the tissues! Never actually expected to love Jeon Mi Seok at the beginning of the show, until Park Hyo Joo gave one heart-stopping scene after another. Loved that she was able to show the nuances of motherhood, friendship, and being a good wife – and was able to give amazing performances that resonated with many.

Best Leading Actor

Never thought we would need Seo In Guk in a grim reaper-esque role until he nailed it. It was like this role was written especially for his acting ability and charm. As Doom, he was unforgiving, cold, and at times terrifying, but when he’s with Park Bo Young’s Dong Kyung, he’s sweet too. The banter between them – top notch!

As Myul Mang, Seo In Guk gave amazing performances – be it comedy, action, drama, or romance. Loved him from beginning to end!

Best Leading Actress

When you put the Melo Queen in a melodrama – she thrives! Another one for the books from Song Hye Kyo! You can really tell she gave her all in this show, as she gives heartfelt performances in each episode. You can’t help but relate to Ha Young Eun in her pursuit of reaching her dreams and finding her love. 

Song Hye Kyo was able to connect to the audience in another way in Now, We Are Breaking Up – much different from her performances in Encounter and in Descendants of the Sun. So excited to see what else she could put in the table in her future projects.

Best Drama

Love, family, life – these are just some of the themes that Doom At Your Service stood for. It thought many to live life to the fullest, and to cherish everyone you have before it’s too late. Aside from the amazing chemistry from leads Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young, it’s these themes that really resonated with fans every week. It’s really no surprise that many voted for this as their best drama of the year.

That is it for our Fan Favorites Poll Results! Viuniverse Awards is not over yet – as the Viuniverse Editorial Team prepares our Editors’ Picks. Coming very soon!

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