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Viuniverse Favorites: 5 of Our Favorite Girlbosses (Part 2)

With the upcoming romance drama Now, We are Breaking Up, Song Hye Kyo’s character, Ha Young Eun, is ready to walk her way up to lead the fashion industry and exhibit her beauty, brilliance, confidence, and sophistication—guaranteeing that we’d fall head over heels for her once again. But before that, here are our five favorite girl bosses that left a mark in our hearts for being the empowered women we ought to be. 

Nam Hong Joo: While You Were Sleeping

The terrifying ability of Nam Hong Joo to dream about the deaths of other people has been a burden to her ever since she was a child. Whenever she tries to reach out to someone and tell them the danger ahead of them, no one trusts her. However, this didn’t change who she really was inside and out. Despite all the negativity, she grew up to be a fun, quirky, and easy-going woman who wants nothing but the best for the people she loves, especially her mother. She showed that even her nightmares won’t stop her as she tries to change the fate of those people who still have the chance to live their lives. 

Na Jung Sun: VIP

The life of Na Jung Sun revolves around her marriage built with love and trust but collapsed in a flash because of infidelity. Imagine working side by side with the man you loved for so long and the woman who destroyed your relationship. Any woman could have lost her composure by then, but Jung Sun knew what to do and handled it the classy way. She took the opportunity to expose those who cheated on her in front of the people whom they trusted the most, definitely a girlboss move. There were no second thoughts, no flowery words. Jung Sun straight up exposed them, then left and walked out of the room like the queen she is!

Nam Ji Ah: Tale of the Nine-Tailed

When we talk about brilliance and fearlessness, TV documentary producer Nam Ji Ah definitely understood the assignment. She knows how to take matters into her own hands, especially when handling supernatural entities and villains living in their world. Driven by her ultimate goal, which is to find her parents, her strong aura became the key to keeping her right on that track and being the woman she is bound to be, without any help from any man.

Park Cha Oh Reum: Miss Hammurabi

Embodying the essence of being a girl boss isn’t limited to just standing up for yourself but also using your voice to speak on behalf of the voiceless. This is the purpose of Judge Oh Reum every time she enters the courtroom while presiding on such legal matters. Her sympathetic character is not the perfect match to the flawed justice system they have, yet she never stopped to change it by all means. Throughout the drama, we’ve seen how she grew thanks to her colleagues. She learned how to balance her decisions without losing the heart to fight for the powerless. This conviction of hers has driven them to change the outdated system, now giving fair chances to those who really deserve it.

Kang Kwon Joo: Voice (Season 1-4)

In the four seasons of crime-thriller drama Voice, Kwon Joo’s psycho-acoustic skills allowed her to enter the police force and use this ability for voice profiling. As the golden time team leader, she always strives to solve real-time crime incidents and save victims from the precarious time they have left. For Kwon Joo, every second counts, which is why she always does her best to hear the faintest sound possible that can save the life of the victims. Although there have been instances that her life was on the line, Kwon Joo did not stop to protect the people who needed her to help the most.

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