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Viuniverse Recommends: 8 Reasons To Watch SF8

Lee David and Shin Eun-Soo in Baby It’s Over Outside

When you imagine what the future is like, what do you see? SF8 sets a vision of the future in eight well-written and visually stunning art pieces, headlined by some of Korea’s biggest stars. Buckle-up because we’re in for a ride! Here are eight reasons to watch SF8

1. Cuts across different genres 

Because the sci-fi genre is quite broad and is often paired with other formats, we are also given a spectrum of genres to choose from: melodrama, romance, action, thriller, and superhero. We’re even introduced to some relevant topics like LGBTQ+, as well as cyberbullying.

Jang Yoo-Sang in Empty Body

2. 8 short stories from different filmmakers

SF8 is a sci-fi anthology consisting of eight different stories across different genres. Because these are written and directed by different filmmakers, we can see sci-fi in diverse perspectives and directing styles that a usual one-story production would not have the opportunity to have. This makes each story unique and exciting to see.

3. Choi Si-Won stars in Love Virtually

Choi Si-Won and UEE in Love Virtually

Super Junior Choi Si-Won is back in dramaland for SF8’s Love Virtually, where he meets the love of his life through a dating app – only for that said dating app to malfunction. He is also joined by another Kpop favorite, After School UEE as the woman he meets virtually. Will love truly conquer all, even technology?

4. EXID Hani’s first foray into dramas

Hani in White Crow

After a couple of cameos and variety show appearances, EXID Hani is finally starring in SF8’s White Crow! She will play a famous influencer who finds herself being cyberbullied on the internet. In the age where information is easily accessed on the web, fake news and distorted truths also take center stage. Will she be able to overcome and let the truth shine through? Especially relevant here in the Philippines and Korea where online bullying is a norm, we can experience it from the perspective of the bullied and the aftereffects of this hurdle in her life.

5. Kim Bo-Ra sings “Breath of Stars”

Kim Bo-Ra in Joan’s Galaxy

Sky Castle’s Kim Bo-Ra sings SF8’s OST track “Breath of Stars” which depicts themes of freedom and sadness. The song is also featured and sung by Bo-Ra in Joan’s Galaxy, which tells the story of two women who fall in love amidst a fine dust disaster. Timely, the show also explores themes on social classes and privilege. 

6. A view of the future

Lee Yoo-Young in The Prayer

Sci-fi, in trying to see what the future would hold, would oftentimes show us versions of the future negatively – warning us of the possible implications if we do not change our actions in the present. However, these stories give us interesting scenarios of how technology can enhance our way of living. Robots as nurses in hospitals, an accurate fortune-telling app, virtual reality – these are just some technological advancements that the show features. What would life be like if (or when) these are in place? Would they really help us make our lives easier? Or make it more complicated? 

7. Human touch

Lee Yeong-Hee and Lee Dong-Hwi in Manxin

Though the show gives us this image of the future, it also allows us to contemplate what it means to be truly human. In the backdrop of machines and AI that could be seen as cold and emotionless, we see poignant human stories about love, depression, grief, faith, and hope. More so, it helps us explore and question different ideas about humanity. Can robots capture human emotion, like empathy and love? How can technology help us be better people? These ideas will surely linger and stay with you long after you’ve finished watching the show.

8. What to expect!

Sci-fi in essence will need a lot of pomp and circumstance, and SF8 certainly does not disappoint in its image of the future. All stories will definitely bring something exciting, thrilling, and mind-blowing. However, all this is well-balanced and grounded by the underlying exploration of the human condition. We can see human perseverance in times of crisis, love despite uncertainty, and overall, hope for a better tomorrow.

Lee Si-Young in Blink

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