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Viuniverse Recommends: When it’s Raining Outside

Imagine this situation: it’s raining, or rather, there’s a typhoon raging outside. Especially nowadays, you have nothing to do but stay at home. Others would normally curl up with a good book. For us though, this is an opportunity to take out our favorite dramas and binge-watch!

What makes a good rainy day drama? First off, we need to counter the cold outside with something fun, kilig, and most importantly, heartwarming. So without further ado, here’s our handy top 5 list of dramas to watch on a rainy day

1. I Am Not a Robot

I Am Not a Robot (MBC)

I Am Not a Robot has all the ingredients of the perfect romantic comedy – it’s funny, over-the-top, but still grounded in the delivering the angst. It’s was an experiment gone wrong – a team led by Dr. Hong (Um Ki-Joon) was supposed to send a robot to one of its investors for beta testing, only the robot got broken the night before. Said robot was modelled after our spunky heroine Jo Ji-Ah (Chae Soo-Bin), so she was asked to stand in while the team fixes the real robot. Hilarious antics ensue as Ji-Ah pretends to be a robot for investor Kim Min-Kyu (Yoo Seung-Ho) – who by the way, is also allergic to humans.

In a story where we get a strong-willed female lead with an equally crazy but charming male lead, you can’t help but root for them from the get go.

2. Reply 1997

Reply 1997 (tvN)

In true Reply fashion, the show manages for the first time to combine the nostalgia that comes with the setting, as well as the warmth in storytelling that makes it timeless. At the end of the day, what makes this show truly shine is the friendship between the ’97 Five. That scene when Yoo Jung had the same hair cut as Shi Won is still one of the most iconic scenes to come out of this series.

This is a heroine is also someone we can definitely relate to – Sung Shi Won (APINK Eun Ji) is fun, spunky, and loyal to her bias. An embodiment of a true fangirl, she pulls out all the stops to support HOT Tony, and was even accused by her SO that it’s highly possible she loves Tony more than him.

Speaking of SOs, you can’t really talk about Reply without mentioning the love triangles – for the people who haven’t seen it, it’s probably better to leave it at this: it’s not as heartbreaking as its successors! But the who’s-the-husband game you get to play during the whole show would definitely get you excited enough for you to binge-watch it for a whole weekend.

3. When the Weather is Fine

When the Weather is Fine (JTBC)

Ready the hot chocolate and a comfy blanket – though this show is set in the middle of winter it balances the cold with so much warmth. From Eun-seob’s (Seo Kang-Joon) long time crush to the numerous stories during the Goodnight Bookstore Book Club, it may not necessarily make you feel kilig (though come on, this is a Park Min-Young show so of course there will be) but will always give you a sense of family amongst strangers.

4. Extraordinary You

Extraordinary You (MBC)

For all the fantasy lovers or if you just want to watch something more out of this world and meta, Extraordinary You is the perfect drama to watch. Often compared to another comic book world, W-Two Worlds, Extraordinary You tells a story of the high school girl Eun Dan-Oh (Kim Hye-Yoon) who finds out that she’s living inside a comic book as an extra in the story.

Aside from the very adorable leads, a definite highlight of the show is the rich worldbuilding and the meta elements. The A3 entrance scene (mirroring the F4 high school trope) in the first episode is all sorts of hilarious, but also proves that the show very self-aware with the types of story elements that are often used in dramas, and therefore takes strides in avoiding them. Along with numerous plot twists, the show will not only leave you addicted, but also forming your own theories on what happens next.

5. My Bubble Tea

My Bubble Tea (Viu)

If you want another fantasy show, but want something different, try out this Thai romcom. This centers around Modem (Ploy Mansaporn) who hails from a family of spellcasters and was given a magical “love tea,” that accidentally falls on the helmet of a delivery man, Light (Mean Piravich). Though this instantly makes Light fall in love with her, she’s actually in love with Boss (Nichkhun Horvejkul). The show is all kinds of cute and hilarious, this would give you all the kilig you need and possibly, some second lead syndrome too.

Your favorite rainy day drama is not on the list? Let us know yours on the comments below!