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Viuniverse’s Best Drama Moms

Happy Eomma Day to all of our mommy Viuers! To celebrate this special day, we wanted to take a look at our favorite drama moms. Some are from classic K-dramas while others are from shows in recent years. But one thing’s for sure. Though not all of them are the kindest, the love and sacrifice they have for their children know no bounds.

Ra Miran, Kim Sun Young, Lee Il Hwa (Reply 1988)

The original ahjummas from the Reply Series! Loved that scene especially with the kids exchanging banchan all over the neighborhood because the moms all wanted to share food. Definitely the epitome of the Asian mom! Doting, sacrificing, kind, generous and of course, amazing cooks. All three of them share the burdens and joys of being mothers to teenagers. And we wept and rejoiced in every single moment of it!

Watch Episode 1 here!

Jung Da-Jung (18 Again)

Strong, independent, one of the best rookie news anchors in Korea – Jung Da-Jung is overall a wonder mom! As a young parent to Shi Ah and Shi Woo, Da Jung set aside her dreams to be a news anchor to be able to take care of her children. We’re always inspired and reminded that chasing your dreams is never too late and family is our best success.

Watch Episode 1 here!

Ji Eun-Su (Lie After Lie)

When we think of a mom that would do almost anything for their child – we look no further than Ji Eun-Su. She’s gone through great lengths just to be able to call her child her own – prison, evil ex-mother in law, Ji Min’s jealous ex-wife. No mother would want to be known as the stepmother of their own child, but she wanted to do it for Woo Joo’s sake. Amazing how far a mother could go!

Go Eun-Suk (Go Back Couple)

Kim Mi Kyung is one of the most well-known actresses to portray a Korean drama mom, and her role as Go Eun Suk in Go Back Couple could be considered as one of the most memorable. In Go Back Couple, she might have portrayed your average loving mom but the impact of her role will leave you crying your heart out.

Watch Episode 1 here!

Lee Su-Ryeon, Cheon Seo-Jin, Oh Yoon-Hee (The Penthouse)

The Penthouse moms might not be the best at parenting, but they still deserve a place in our top 5. Yes, they’re not perfect and could have admittedly done not-so-good things just to get what’s best for their children. Still, despite the fact that their ways might not be ideal (and should not be mimicked nor justified), but, we understand that their intentions are always for the betterment of their kids.

Watch Episode 1 here!

Did your favorites make it to the list? Who are your favorite drama moms? Let us know in the comments below!