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Who Is It?? Mouse (Mid-Series ReViu)

The second the first episode ended, those are the first words that come to mind – so who is it? Who’s the serial killer’s son? And that’s what set us on this journey in this crime mystery.

It’s not that simple though – the show tries to explore what it means to be human. Is being a killer something inherited from our fathers, or behavior caused by our external experiences? Or is it both?


Is it weird that for the first time, we can’t even trust the main character of the story?

Lee Seung-Gi does an amazing job as Jung Ba-Reum, the typical guy next door. Nice, respectful, compassionate but also a total scaredy-cat. Ba Reum is a police officer who gets pulled in the center of these serial murders, though he doesn’t have the stomach for it.

But the end of Episode 4 gave us the possibility of something totally different, a complete departure from the persona that we were introduced with. Here we see the nuances and the duality from Lee Seung-Gi playing him. With each step and action, it feels as though we’re being deceived and always on our toes what reveals could happen next. With several misdirects and counter misdirects even halfway through the show, we still don’t know what the deal is with his character. Is he really who we think he is?


Almost the complete opposite of Ba Reum, Moo Chi is rough around the edges. But he’s smart, perceptive, oftentimes always at the heels of the culprit accurately reading into their actions and motivations. But what makes his character so interesting is his motivation for doing well at his job – he wants to get revenge for the death of his parents. And wants to make sure that his traumatic experience will not happen to anyone else.

Episode 5 is such a good testament not only to his character, but to Lee Hee-Joon as an actor. In an episode wholly focused on him trying to figure out the trends and the standard in choosing the victims. The final moments of that episode got us on our toes, not only because it was so tension-filled, but because you can really feel Moo Chi’s mix of anger, desperation, and devastation. And that’s all because Lee Hee-Joon was so fantastic in that scene.


We’re sad we didn’t discover #MouseTheory earlier! Each episode totally scraps theories from the last one, you’re interested where you’d be taken in the mystery next.

Who is Yo Han? What does he have to do with the whole narrative of the story? Is he really the culprit? What are his motivations in trying to sneak around and getting involved?

What happened to the kid / kids in the earlier episodes? Who did they grow up to be?

Well, at the end of the day, we are still faced with the same question – who is the culprit? Who is it??

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